Gaslow R67 Cylinder FAQ

Are Gaslow R67 Cylinders suitable for use in the UK

The Gaslow R67 Cylinder range can be used within the UK and conform to legislation.

Gaslow R67 Safety Features

The Safest, Most reliable refillable Cylinder range in Europe with unique safety features that ONLY the Gaslow R67 cylinder has.

Gaslow R67 Contents Gauge readings

How to read your Gaslow R67 Cylinder Contents Gauge

Can an R67 Gaslow Cylinder be used with an older style Gaslow Cylinder

The New R67 Gaslow Cylinders can be used with an older style Gaslow cylinder as the connections are the same.

Gaslow R67 On/Off valve

Gaslow R67 On/Off valve is located on the side of the multivalve.