Direct Fill Information

Direct Fill Information

What regulator or regulator hose/pigtail should i use with the cylinder?

With your Gaslow Direct fill Cylinder you will receive a 37Mbar regulator that screws directly onto the bottle this enables a length of LPG hose to be connected.

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How much LPG will a Gaslow Direct Fill cylinder hold?

  • Small Gaslow 2.7kg Direct fill cylinder holds approximately 4.6 litres of LPG
  • Medium Gaslow 6kg Direct fill cylinder holds approximately 11.5 litres of LPG
  • Large Gaslow 11kg Direct fill cylinder holds approxinately 21 litres of LPG

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What are the dimensions of the Direct Fill cylinder?

  • Small Gaslow 2.7kg cylinder is 330mm high and 202mm in diameter
  • Medium Gaslow 6kg cylinder is 460mm high and 246mm in diameter
  • Large Gaslow 11kg cylinder is 560mm high and 304mm in diameter

How much will it cost to fill up with LPG?

LPG prices will fluctuate and vary from area to area. Based on the current price of LPG of 0.60 pence per litre the following would apply:

  • Small Gaslow 2.7kg direct fill cylinder 4.6 litres x 0.60 pence = £2.76
  • Medium Gaslow 6kg direct fill cylinder 11.5 litres x £0.60 pence = £6.90
  • Large Gaslow 11kg direct fill cylinder 21 litres x £0.60 pence = £12.60 

Prices of LPG correct as of 20th January 2016

Where can i buy a Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder from?

The Gaslow Direct Fill cylinders can be bought direct from the Gaslow website or from one of the many Gaslow dealers throughout the country. Click on the link at the top of the website for Gaslow dealers to see if there is one near you.

Where can i fill a Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder?

We cannot guarantee that all garage forecourts will allow you to fill your Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder, if your local garage does not allow this then please refer to the web page "Where to Fill" which lists the filling sites that will happily take your cylinder and fill it for you. If you are travelling to Europe... 

Does the cylinder need to be recertified?

Yes, like all LPG cylinders in use they will have to be recertified during their life. Please contact us with the date stamped on your cylinder, we will then be able to let you know when your inspection is due.

How to fill a Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder

UK Filling Instructions

1) Always ensure that the cylinder valve is switched off before filling

2) The UK filler nozzle uses a bayonet fitting.  Line up the two lugs on the fill adapter, then rotate the nozzle a third of a turn clockwise to seal it securely.

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Safety advise

Safety Guidelines relating to the Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder:

LPG is stored within the cylinder as a liquid under pressure.  
Vapour is drawn off from the top of the cylinder via the outlet valve. 

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