How to fill a Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder

UK Filling Instructions

filling_tank2.jpg1) Always ensure that the cylinder valve is switched off before filling

2) The UK filler nozzle uses a bayonet fitting.  Line up the two lugs on the fill adapter, then rotate the nozzle a third of a turn clockwise to seal it securely.

3) Pull the trigger and locate the small clip.  Use the clip to keep the trigger in place.

4) Check the display on the pump reads zero and depress the (red) button on the pump to dispense the gas.

5) Hold the button (if you let go, the gas stops) until the pump stops automatically.  The Gaslow Cylinder is fitted with an 80% automatic shut off device and will not allow filling above this level for safety reasons.

6) Un-clip the trigger and remove the nozzle by rotating it a third of a turn anti-clockwise.  Note that the nozzle may be very cold and there may also be a sound of gas as the nozzle depressurises.