What regulator or regulator hose/pigtail should i use with the cylinder?

With your Gaslow Direct fill Cylinder you will receive a 37Mbar regulator that screws directly onto the bottle this enables a length of LPG hose to be connected.The regulator you will receive is Gaslow part number 01-4337 which can be viewed in our online store.

The regulator pigtail that is used on the Gaslow Direct Fill cylinders can either be rubber or stainless steel in construction. The regulator pigtail is used on motorhomes or caravans that were produced after 2003 and have a bulk head mounted regulator within the gas locker. The pigtail connection used that connects directly onto the Gaslow Direct Fill Cylinder is a 21.8 LHT bottle fitting with a W20 fitting for the bulk head mounted regulator. A typical LPG pigtail or high pressure regulator hose would be Gaslow part number 01-6020 or 01-6020-ss which can be viewed within the Gaslow Direct website.