Gaslow Products

View our complete range of Gaslow products, with detailed information and prices. Also, for the first time, you can buy our products direct from Gaslow International Ltd using our online shop.

Gaslow Refillable

 Complete single and twin cylinder Gaslow Refillable Systems.
 All the individual components to create your ideal gas solution.

Gaslow Gas Lockers

Gaslow Gas Lockers

Gaslow Gas lockers are ideal for van conversions and comply to regulation BS1942:2002

Gaslow 300 Regulator

   Complete with regulator, stainless steel hose and propane adapter.
   Guaranteed against failure with our 5 year warranty!

Gaslow Hoses

   Gaslow stainless steel and rubber hoses.
   Available with 21.8LH, propane and easy-fit connections.

Gaslow 21.8LH Adapters

    Range of adapters to connect to foreign gas cylinders.
    All compatible with the 21.8LH hose.

Gaslow Adapter Gauges

   Give a visual warning of low gas levels.
   Available for both propane and butane.

Gaslow Changeover Systems

    Simply upgrade your van to a twin cylinder gas system.
    Manual or automatic changeover options to suit your requirements.

Gaslow Regulators

30mbar regulators for modern caravans and motorhomes.
Traditional bottle mounted butane and propane regulators,

Gaslow W20 Regulator Adapters

   Adapters for 30mbar regulators with the w20 connection.
   Blanking Caps, gauges and Right Angle Adapters