Gaslow 300 Regulator

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The Gaslow 300 caravan regulator is a superior regulator that can work with both propane and butane.
The system comprises of a 30mbar regulator, a 21.8LH Stainless Steel Hose (0.75m) and an Easy-Fit Propane Adapter
It is available with either a 8mm or 10mm outlet connection to copper pipe.
We guarantee the regulator against failure with our 5 year warranty.
£84.00 *
The Gaslow Clesse 30mbar Regulator is suitable for both propane and butane.
Available with either 8mm or 10mm copper compression outlet.
£40.00 *
delivery £7,80 by Parcelforce 24
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  Gaslow 300 Regulator System Leaflet