Gaslow W20 Regulator Adapters

   Adapters for 30mbar regulators with the w20 connection.
   Blanking Caps, gauges and Right Angle Adapters


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The Gaslow W20 Adapter Gauge screws onto the 30mbar caravan regulator providing a right angled connection.
The gauge provides a visual warning of low gas levels and operates as a quick and easy leak detector.
Available with either a propane or butane gauge
£26.50 *
Product no.: 01-1677

The Gaslow W20 Right Angle Adapter is designed for the 30mbar caravan Regulator.
It can be used to aid the installation of Gaslow upgrade systems, or hoses, if space is restricted to prevent dangerous kinking and over stressing of hoses.

£11.00 *
Product no.: 01-1684

The Gaslow W20 Blanking Cap is designed to blank off a manual changeover if only one cylinder is connected.

£4.50 *
Product no.: 01-1679

The Gaslow Propane Blanking Cap is designed to blank off the end of a propane hose
It can be used to blank off one side of a manual changeover system if only one bottle is connected.

£11.00 *
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