R67 Statement

R67 Statement

There are five standards applicable to Leisure vehicle gas containers, TPED, PED, Pi, CE & R67


Clarification of R67-01 Rev 3: These are the uniform provisions concerning the 1, Approval of specific equipment of vehicles of category M and N using liquified petroleum gases in their propulsion system and 2, Approval of vehicles of category M and N fitted with specific equipment for the use of liquified petroleum gases in their propulsion system with regard to the installation of such equipment”. This is therefore only applicable to the LIQUID PHASE of the installation. When installed for this purpose, a fully compliant installation to EN 12979:2002 is required, which is a TANK mounted in the HORIZONTAL position UNDER THE VEHICLE. The R67-01 container design and test standards either meet or exceed all other cylinder standards.


 A logical extension of this automotive standard for the installation of under floor LPG containers in the leisure industry has been supported by The National Caravan Council with NCC Code of Practice 306 (Motorhomes: Fixed LPG Tanks for Habitation Purposes), for the liquid phase of filling and vapour take off for habitation use. Upon completion of the installation under the vehicle, a Mounting Declaration must be completed by the approved installer.


The Gaslow R67 brand of cylinders are designed and tested to the R67-01 standard. Within this standard there are no specific designations used, therefore each container may be referred to as a tank, cylinder or container for manufacturing purposes. However, in homologation the Gaslow R67 product is classified as Cylindrical in Vertical Position as documented in the Certificate of Conformity, hence it is branded as a Refillable LPG Cylinder. Gaslow are the ONLY manufacturer of this highly specified product on the market today. It is used in conjunction with an industry leading Multivalve as seen on another make of refillable cylinder used in the leisure industry. The Gaslow R67 cylinders are designed to be used ONLY in an upright position in gas lockers with a cylinder securing devise, and to be fitted and released without the use of tools thereby conforming to EN1949. They are NOT suitable for mounting horizontally under a vehicle. Finally, they do not need the valve protection shroud as the R67 design and test specification includes specific impact tests for the valve and tank assembly combined, unlike other standards which subsequently require the shroud.


PED & CE: Under this regulation, each container may be referred to as a tank or cylinder.


TPED & Pi: Under these regulations, each container is referred to as a cylinder.


Having taken independent advice on the various issues and concerns circulated by less informed individuals, the Gaslow R67 cylinders have undergone independent GAP analysis to prove they are the safest cylinders on the market and within the specific component specification meet not only all RV/Leisure vehicle standards, but also Automotive vehicle standards. We are also proud to be part of the EN1949:2011 2013 Revision process currently under review and further clarification will be available once this is officially issued.


Liquid phase installation: Please note the installation of the liquid phase from the remote filler to the cylinder must be installed by a competent person.