Customer ratings for Gaslow Single Cylinder Refillable System

Gaslow Single Cylinder Refillable System
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Gaslow Single Cylinder Refillable System 
All the parts you will require to install a single refillable system includes:
- Gaslow Refillable Cylinder
- Gaslow Filler Kit
- Gaslow Stainless Steel 21.8LH Regulator Hose 
- option of foreign adapters




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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 4.7
Does most of what it says on the tin
from Mike Adcock on 02/11/2017
Arrived quickly and safely. Easy to install. Filled up with nearly 22 litres of gas and all appliances working fine. Only problem is the gauge on the tank is reading in the red, nearly empty zone, which is not very helpful. Some other users claim this will sort itself out, so fingers crossed!
Highly recommended
from Anonymous on 26/08/2017
Comes complete, nothing else to buy, instructions crystal clear. Fitting was very easy, took less than 1 hour. Now I can have cheap gas without the stress of trying to find a dealer who actually has stocks of full gas bottles.
fitting easy
from Anonymous on 15/06/2017
ordered sunday afternoon, arrived Tuesday afternoon, fitted in the motorhome that afternoon. quite a small gas locker on the chausson 530 so had to look at various positions for the filler but still only a couple of hours to fit.
now just have to fill up and go.
Does exactly what it says on the tin
from Anonymous on 26/01/2017
Relatively easy to install although I spent a lot of time lifting the bottle in and out of the gas box to route and re-route the hoses so they ended up in the best location. Had to spend another tenner on a 70mm hole saw and; sticking to the old adage - measure 100 times and drill once - I took the plunge, drilled the hole for the filler, and the whole system was up and running inside a couple of hours.
Trip to the local garage to fill up was no more difficult than filling the van up with diesel and 21litres cost me about £12, not bad when you consider that two 6Kg Calor bottles cost me £52 the last time I exchanged them, so it shouldn't take too long to recoup the cost of the Gaslow kit.
One thing I will bring to your attention - it took a little while for the trapped air in the system to dissipate so there was no apparent gas flowing and nothing seemed to work, but eventually the panic ceased, the gas flowed, and all was good.
I can now plan my trip through France and Germany without the worry of having to find a Calor dealer which I understand is almost impossible.
Thanks to Gaslow who were very quick and helpful in answering my silly questions prior to odering.
Brilliant and so easy to fill.
from Anonymous on 11/01/2017
Had it fitted in my camper along with a Propex dual electric/gas heater. My camper is Petrol/LPG but cannot run heater and cooker from the main tank hence Gaslow. I get 3 or 4 days use out of a full bottle when using the heater at night as well as cooking and lasts ages in the summer when not using the heater. It costs around £2.50 to fill at LPG pump and I don't have to take the bottle out whereas the blue bottles have to be taken out to be swapped and cost around £25 a fill. I have done 11K in my camper since fitting (1 year ago) and saved around £250 as well as the convenience.
from Anonymous on 24/10/2016
Just fitted Gaslow to my new motorhome, very pleased. Have used it on my last van, filled up all over Europe no problem.