Gaslow Rubber Hose Assembly

Gaslow Rubber Hose Assembly

Product no.: 01-6010
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The Gaslow High Pressure Rubber Hose Assemblies are available in a range of lengths.
They are independently tested and approved with an extractability rating of just 2%.
However, to avoid regulator failure through oily plasticiser contamination, we recommend the use of the Gaslow Stainless Steel Hoses.
Rubber hoses should be checked regularly and replaced after 4/5 years
They fit onto the inlet of all 30mbar caravan regulators and Gaslow Changeover Systems using the W20 connection.
The hose has a 21.8LH connection to allow connection to the following:
- 4.5kg Butane
- Refillable
- French screw-on cylinders
- All Gaslow Adapters for many other cylinders


Product Note Status Price
Gaslow 21.8LH Butane Washer Gaslow 21.8LH Butane Washer
£1.35 *
Gaslow W20 Washer Gaslow W20 Washer
£1.35 *
Gaslow Propane Rubber POL Ends Gaslow Propane Rubber POL Ends
£1.50 *
Gaslow Leak Detection Spray Gaslow Leak Detection Spray
£5.00 *
delivery £7,80 by Parcelforce 24
ll prices include VAT
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