Product no.: 01-7010

This gas locker is suitable for Camping Gaz 907 bottles and the Gaslow 2.7Kg Refillable bottle.

The Gaslow Locker complies with regulation BS EN 1949:2011+A1:2013

Complete with bottle strap and drop out vent.

Ideal Gas locker for Van conversions Volkswagon T4, T5 & Vauxhall Vivaro

£155.00 *


Product no.: 01-4003-67

The NEW Gaslow R67 2.7kg Refillable Cylinder is designed for installation in your caravan/motorhome locker
They can be filled using the Gaslow Filler Kit at thousands of LPG stations across the UK and Europe
Features automatic 80% shut off valve, over pressure relief valve, filter, excess flow valve and new improved gauge.

A typical example of cost savings over exchange cylinders. To fill a Gaslow 2.7kg cylinder would cost you £2.76 which is a 10th of the price of an exchange cylinder of a comparable size!!

 Gaslow 2.7kg direct fill cylinder 4.6 litres x £0.60 pence = £2.76*to fill

*price of lpg correct as of 20th January 2016

£143.00 *

Please call 01509 377377 for more info and to place your order

(Colour: White, Hose_Length: 1.5 metre)

Gaslow Remote Filler Kit for mounting to the side of your motorhome or caravan.
Available in a choice of colours and hose lengths - Click 'Display' to view the variations.

Colour: White, Hose_Length: 1.5 metre
£92.50 *
Product no.: 01-4337

The Gaslow 21.8LH 37mbar Propane Regulator is designed specifically for the Gaslow Refillable Cylinder.
It has an outlet suitable for connection to standard low pressure gas hose.

£8.50 *

(Hose_Length: 0.45 metre)

The Gaslow 21.8LH Stainless Steel Hose is designed to connect the Gaslow Refillable Cylinder to the fixed regulator in your caravan/motorhome.
Made from Stainless Steel, the rubber free hose removes the possibility of oily plasticiser residue from the rubber contaminating your regulator.

Hose_Length: 0.45 metre
£32.50 *