Refillable Components

Refillable Components

 Complete single and twin cylinder Gaslow Refillable Systems.
 All the individual components to create your ideal gas solution.

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Product no.: 01-4360

The Gaslow French/Italian adapter 01-4360 is for vehicles fitted with French type fillers. This adapter comes in two pieces.

£25.50 *
Product no.: 01-4020

If you have damaged your Gauge on an R67 Gaslow cylinder here is the replacement.

£10.79 *
Product no.: 01-4998

Replacement level gauge for Gaslow or Alugas bottles

£9.50 *
Product no.: 01-4165

Gaslow LPG Fill Adapter Holder

Conveniently secure your continential LPG fill Adapters in this custome made bracket. By storing your adapters in this way you avoid any damage to the adapters compared to storing in a bag or in the gas locker

£16.65 *
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31 - 34 of 34 results