Gaslow Single Cylinder Kit

Gaslow Single Cylinder Refillable System

Use the system configuration selector below to make your choice of components.

All the parts you will require to install a Gaslow Single cylinder Refillable system include:

-Gaslow Refillable Cylinders

Choose between a 2.7kg, 6kg or 11kg cylinder.

-Gaslow Filler Kit

Choose between either Grey, White or Black filler kit with either a 600 mm or 1.5 metre filler hose.

-Gaslow Stainless Steel 21.8LH Regulator Hose

Choose what length Gaslow Stainless Steel regulator hose you require.

-Filler Pod Bracket

Choose a Filler Pod Bracket if you wish to mount your Filler Pod within a vented gas locker.

-Continental Fill Adapters

Choose the Continental Fill Adapters if your are travelling abroad to enable filling

-Gaslow Wave Bluetooth Level Gauge

Choose the Gaslow wave if you would like to monitor your gas level remotely on you smart phone.

This system will be suitable for installation on vehicles fitted with a 30mbar wall mounted regulator.