Gaslow Twin 11kg Refillable Gas Cylinder Farrier Kit with Internal Filler


Gaslow 11KG Refillable LPG Cylinder No1 × 2

Specially designed to fit all caravans, motorhomes and campervans. The Gaslow 11kg cylinder has a 10 year warranty on the complete system which includes the popular Gaslow multi-valve which automatically switches of the gas when 80% is reached when filling.

£189.90 each

Gaslow Filler Kit Black 0.6 Metre

The Gaslow  Autogas recessed Filling Kit 01-4156 comes complete with cap and housing in a Black finish together with fitting kit for mounting to the side of your caravan or motorhome.


Gaslow-LPG filler-point-bracket-for 70 mm filler

The Gaslow Filling Point mounting Bracket 01-4160 allows your LPG filling point to be mounted within your gas locker compartment
For use with Gaslow 70mm plastic filler pod kits.

Gaslow Filler Hose T- Adapter

The Gaslow Filler Hose T-Adapter 01-4212 is used to convert a number 1 cylinder into a number 2 cylinder without increasing the overall height. This adapter can be useful if you have a gas locker compartment that has limited head height, allowing a single cylinder set up or twin cylinder set up.


Gaslow 600mm Connection/Filler Hose

The Gaslow 0.6 metre Stainless Steel hose with 3/4” UNF connections simply connects a single Gaslow cylinder and a No.2 Gaslow Cylinder together.


Gaslow Stainless Steel 21.8LH 0.75 Metre Regulator Hose × 2

The Gaslow stainless 21.8LH 0.75 metre regulator hose 01-6020-SS is for connecting between a butane 4.5kg cylinder or Gaslow cylinder and the 30mbar regulator. Gaslow give this hose a 20 year warranty.

£37.50 each

Gaslow Switch 2 Changeover

The Gaslow Switch 2 Changeover 01-5050 is for pre 2004 models - this is an alternative twin cylinder connection system which uses your existing regulators


Gaslow Propane to 21.8LH Adapter

The Gaslow Propane to 21.8LH Adapter 01-4331 is used to convert a POL propane 37mbar regulator to fit a Gaslow refillable gas cylinder