At Gaslow we really do appreciate the amazing work you are doing for us all especially in these unprecedented times and to say thank you we’re giving you discount off your online purchases.



Important Information

Gaslow recently extended the discount offering for Bluelight card members for a further 12 months on the Bluelight website. Upon uploading this new offer we received an email from the admin at Bluelight stating that our offer has not been approved and thus been withdrawn from the Bluelight website. 
The reason give was as follows:
“we’re now carefully selecting the brands we present our members with, to ensure what we offer is relevant to as many people as possible within the blue light community. Due to this, and an unprecedented demand from businesses wanting to give back during and after the pandemic, we’re unfortunately unable to feature you on our website”.
If you wish to advertise on the Bluelight website you must go through an affiliate who works on a commission basis and monitors spend per user and per product.
We do not agree with this decision and have challenged Bluelight accordingly, putting forward the case that many Bluelight workers have recreational vehicles that they use in their spare time to help unwind. That said we got nowhere with Bluelight other than having to go through an affiliate. 
All that said we are still offering Bluelight members a discount, so rather than visit the Bluelight website we now we ask you to ring or email us with your requirements and your Bluelight membership number.

Many thanks again for the services you offer to all of us and in return we will do our best to support you.

The Gaslow Team


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