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Where to Fill with LPG in the UK and Europe




How to find an LPG station near me?

So you are on your travels and you wish to fill up your LPG self-refillable gas cylinders at the nearest LPG station to your location, or you are planning your next journey and want to find LPG stations near to the town or city where you are staying. Below is the information you should require.

If you are travelling in the UK and require LPG, we would suggest you use the website that has been created by Liquid Gas UK which is the governing body for the UK LPG trade association www.autogas.app/

The above link will give you a comprehensive map showing all the current LPG stations near you, including prices, whilst you are on your journeys. This site is the most up to date site to find a garage with lpg near to you. If you notice any information has changed you can forward the information to the site, and it will be updated by the owners.

Another site that can be used in the UK is www.filllpg.co.uk which is updated by the users that use the site. This enables the site to be updated if anything changes with the LPG station that has been visited, for example the opening hours, if the garage has run out of LPG or even a price change.

So above we have given you a link to an accurate site for LPG stations in the UK. We have also created links below to all the European countries you are likely to travel to and require LPG gas, for your motorhome or campervan.

By clicking on the appropriate country, you will open a page and populate LPG stations that are in that country. All you must do is zoom in on the area that you are visiting, and the LPG stations will start to appear. The map we use for European countries has been created by www.mylpg.eu and has been used for many years by people traveling to Europe and helping them find an LPG station nearby.

Another site that can be used is www.drivelpg.co.uk for finding lpg stations.

Just to recap, the following sites can be used to find an LPG station:




Other sites and apps are available to help find lpg stations nearby, however, please ensure that any app or website you are using shows that it is updated on a regular basis to give you the correct information. If you are unsure of the location or information, please call the LPG station before heading out to fill up to confirm details of the location.

When searching for LPG stations please be aware that just searching for the main brands of garage like Shell, BP, Morrisons will narrow your LPG garage results as many LPG tanks that will allow you to fill with LPG are often on farms, privately owned land or even motorhome dealer/ service agent’s premises. So we do suggest from experience that you use one of the websites that we list for a better chance of finding LPG.

Don’t forget that we now supply LPG at our Loughborough premises 

We also have a map on our site that shows the locations where you can fill up a Gaslow self-refillable direct fill cylinders when it’s not connected to a vehicle via a filling point. This map has been created by contacting the premises listed and information taken prior to populating the map. These locations are given as a guide and should be contacted before you travel to ensure that they still offer the service of filling cylinders with LPG. Click Here for the Direct Fill Map

Please always contact a garage before you travel to ensure the service you require is available.


Gaslow uses third-party providers for information to help you find LPG stations. Gaslow will not be held responsible for incorrect information on the third-party websites. If you do find incorrect information, please contact the provider so the information can be updated.
Gaslow have no commercial interest in the websites or apps used on this page.