Gaslow Gas Lockers
Safety when using gas in leisure vehicles is one of the most important aspects to consider when building a camper van conversion. The Gas Lockers that are sold by Gaslow Direct meet all UK and European legislation with BS EN1949. The reason gas cylinder lockers are used in van conversions is to reduce the possibility of an event happening and causing personal injury. Well known effects of using gas in a confined space is Fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and leaking gas. Using a Gas cylinder locker from Gaslow Direct can reduce the possibility of an accident, compared to a cylinder not used in a gas cylinder locker that meets standard.
The most common cause of a gas leak is the bottle and connection.
A metal locker made to meet UK & European legislation ensuring leaking gas is contained and vented safely out of the vehicle is an essential feature of a van conversion. The Gaslow Direct gas cylinder lockers come complete with drop out vent and bottle strap.
Gaslow Direct offer eight sizes of locker in single and double cylinder sizes from a Camping Gaz 2.7kg 907 cylinder right up to an 11kg Gaslow refillable locker.