Single Gaslow 2.7kg Cylinder Kit with Exterior White Filler

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This kit includes the following parts to enable a single cylinder fitment.
Gaslow Refillable Cylinder:

Filler Kit Type:
White 70mm filler body with brass bayonet fitting and 1500mm stainless steel filler hose.
Regulator Hose:
One Gaslow stainless steel 21.8LHT regulator hose.
LPG Filler Mounting:
The filler point body mounts directly to an external body panel or skirt.
Regulator changeover head:
An option that you can apply in the section, Manual or Automatic.
Continental Fill Adapters:
An option that you can apply in the section.
This system will be suitable for installation on vehicles fitted with a 30mbar wall mounted regulator.

Gaslow Technical Section

Gaslow 2.7KG Refillable LPG Cylinder No1

Specially designed to fit caravans, motorhomes and campervans. The Gaslow 2.7kg cylinder has a 10-year warranty on the complete system which includes the popular Gaslow multi-valve which automatically switches of the gas when 80% is reached when filling.

The Gaslow 2.7kg Number 1 cylinder carries approx 4.5 litres at 80%. Height: 330mm to the top of the filler elbow x 203mm diameter with a weight of 5.18kg empty.

If you require a no2 2.7KG cylinder, please select x 01-4003-67 cylinder with a tee piece 01-4212 which will allow connection to the cylinder connection hose and filler point.



Gaslow Filler Kit White 1.5 Metre

The Gaslow UK Autogas Filling Kit 01-4100 comes complete with cap and housing in white finish together with screws for mounting on the side of your caravan or motorhome.


Gaslow Stainless Steel 21.8LH 0.75 Metre Regulator Hose

The Gaslow stainless 21.8LH 0.75 metre regulator hose 01-6020-SS is for connecting between a butane 4.5kg cylinder or Gaslow cylinder and the 30mbar regulator. Gaslow give this hose a 20 year warranty.


Gaslow LPG Fill Adapter Kit

The Gaslow LPG Fill Adapter Kit comes with the three most popular LPG fill adapters that you will use in the UK and Europe for filling with LPG

Gaslow W20 Auto Changeover Head

The Gaslow Automatic Changeover is designed to be used with a twin cylinder gas system, designed for ease of operation and peace of mind. The automatic changeover fits onto any 30mbar regulator from 2004 with a W20 inlet thread.

Gaslow W20 Changeover Gauge Propane Top

The Gaslow W20 Changeover Gauge Propane Top 01-1633 has been designed to create a twin gas system for caravans and motorhomes. This manual changeover unit simply screws onto your bulkhead mounted 30mbar regulator and allows you to reconnect your existing regulator hose and with an additional regulator hose turn your system into a manual changeover, with built in leak detection and low level indicator.

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Gaslow Continental Fill Adaptor Bag

The Gaslow Continental Fill Adaptor Bag 01-4390 is used to safely and securely store your Continental fill adaptors. The most common cause of adaptor failure is when they have been rolling around in the bottom of your gas locker compartment which can gradually cause damage to the adaptors.

Also large enough to store any other accessories such as your gas spanner, screwdrivers & leak detection fluid.

Dimensions: 310mm x 170mm

Water resistant & heavy duty.